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Don't Want To Cook in Hot Weather?

     There is a tendency to snack or eat fast food all summer because we don't want to heat up the kitchen in hot weather. Well snacking is ok ... if you have a plan to get all your essential nutrients during the day.
     What does that look like? 3 protein servings a day (eggs, sausage, seafood, fish, poultry, beef etc. many are now precooked ready to eat!)  Vegetarian can choose from (nuts, seeds, beans, etc.). include 5 to 6 servings of colorful vegetables and 2 servings of whole fruit (not juice). Go very light on the grain products ...They are very hard to digest and contain lectins which can cause intestinal damage. (Get your fiber from vegetables, beans and nuts instead.) Need extra calories? Add some root vegetables: yams, rutabagas, parsnips, beets, steamed and chilled. Grab the sealed container from the frig and pack it! Add some salad dressing for interest and variety on vegies.
     Measure your portions so you don't skimp on one nutrient or overeat another one!
A protein drink is a quick way to start your day. Your portable cooler filled with frozen ice packs will be a great tool to get your meals on time and safe from spoilage. Pack sliced carrots, celery or bell pepper. Add goat cheese, nuts, coconut yogurt cup, leftover entree from a meal at a restaurant yesterday. Keep 2 liters of alkaline water handy. If you are working outside, include Metagenics Endura (powdered electrolytes) to add to your water. Instead of eating sweet grain products (cookies, cupcakes, brownies, pastries or candy, think of fruit as your dessert.) Small portions served whole and fresh are a great summer pick me up.

Have a Healthy and Successful Summer!
Dr. Joy